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Swansea Guide For Students

Swansea Bay is a remarkable contrast of old and new. The city is historic and contemporary all at once, with deep rooted heritage, fantastic shopping and epic nightlife. Living in Swansea is like being on holiday all year round, as it’s conveniently located bsides the charming seaside village of Mumbles – perfect for when you feel the need for more peaceful vibes. Moments from the city centre you’ll also find the exciting Gower Peninsula which offers immaculate sandy beaches and arguably the best waves for surfing in the UK, meaning you never have to miss out during summertime even if you can’t make it abroad!

Surfing in Gower is highly popular due to spectacular breaks and impressive swell sizes, but if you don’t feel like venturing out of the city Swansea itself offers an assortment of water-sports to get your heart pumping. These include diving, canoeing and waterskiing amongst many others. Also, make sure to check out Swansea Watersports at the Marina for even more awesome activities! You can rediscover cycling and enjoy this beautiful city from another perspective as you zoom along one of the many bike routes, try your hand at horse riding in the open, or even give rock climbing a go; you may end up surprising yourself. In short, you’ll never be bored on those days off from uni!  

Swansea’s fascinating background comes in many shapes and forms, and you’ll have the chance to explore it at the architectural masterpiece that is the Swansea Museum, a treasure trove which holds the city’s entrancing past. Alternatively check out Oxwich Castle for a different perspective on life in the 16th Century. Artistic souls will appreciate the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, where masterpieces from every era are to be found under a magnificent roof. Swansea’s Grand Theatre is another notable location, hosting a variety of comedy, musicals and dance performances as well as funky exhibitions throughout the year, meaning you’ll never be short on fun things to fill your time.

For chilled out days and warm evenings, the Swansea Marina is a primary destination, holding the Maritime Quarter in its heart. Here you’ll find boutique-style shops, classy restaurants and cool pubs and cafes to suit all preferences. Everything in Swansea comes at a more than reasonable price compared to some of the other UK cities, so you’ll be able to enjoy your day without worrying too much about starving until the next loan injection arrives! Here you will also find the National Waterfront Museum and the Swansea Leisure centre.

Students will find themselves hanging around Swansea’s busy city centre many an afternoon, mainly because this is where you will find all the best high street stores and chic cafes. Swansea’s indoor market is also located here, and is the largest one in all of Wales! This place will put your local market to shame; the unique goods, excellent value and mega-friendly traders will make you want to move in here! Have a taste of some traditional Welsh cuisine, or simply ration your money out between the dozens of stalls in the vicinity and take home some amazing finds. The Quadrant is Swansea’s wardrobe-inspiring indoor shopping centre, boasting a range of the very best in fashion and style to ensure your look is always up to date. 

The city’s nightlife is renowned across the country for being almost legendary in scope. Wind Street is a primary location for unforgettable nights out in Swansea, where you’ll find stylish bars such as Revolution, as well as student-centred pubs to cater for all your needs. Check out Bar Co for the latest in live music, and then head on down to Kingsway and dance (or drink) the night away at Jumpin’ Jaks during one of their wicked student nights. Most likely you’re going to make it to super-club Escape, where you will be met with funky music from all genres, cheap beverages and celebrity DJs all year round! Rock fans will adore Sin City just off Kingsway, an unbelievable venue for the best in live music and happy, laid-back people to party with till the sun comes up.

On top of all that good stuff, Swansea has miles of peaceful parkland, perfect for stealing away when the buzz of the city gets a little too loud, or you can choose to become reacquainted with nature and visit the breath-taking Plantasia, a paradise in the city overflowing with quirky creatures and stunning scenery. There’s truly never a dull moment during life in this city!

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