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Sunderland Guide For Students

Sunderland is a 'can do' city, which has transformed itself over the past 15 years. High tech businesses have taken over from traditional industries: Sunderland is now, officially, one of the seven most IT intelligent communities in the world and a recent study rated it one of the UK's top five 'places to do business with'. But the economy is only half the story. Shopping and cultural facilities have been greatly expanded and refurbished and the city's Victorian heart is being restored to its former glory for housing, business and leisure. And there's much more to come: well over £1billion will go to improve Sunderland's quality of life even more during the next decade. It all adds up to a great place to live and study.

Sunderland is a breath of fresh air, with a stunning coastline and breathtaking countryside nearby as well as all the nightlife, leisure and cultural opportunities you’d expect from a major city. Sunderland has an international outlook and students from across the globe choose to study with us - either on campus or on our accredited programmes in partner institutions.

Sunderland offers an exciting mix of experiences. Located at the heart of the great North East, Sunderland can offer a great social scene and cultural attractions as well as mile upon mile of great golden beaches.

The city is a place full of history, from the earliest Christian settlements through to the industrial heritage of shipbuilding, heavy industry and glass blowing. It was from here that Sunderland built ships left for destinations across the world and here where England's first stained glass was produced 1300 years ago.
One of England's newest cities, Sunderland has gone through a period of regeneration and renewal, making it an aspiring and dynamic part of the North East. Close to the coast, and only a short distance from Newcastle, modern Sunderland is alive with cultural possibilities, and has a great range of bars, restaurants and clubs

Sunderland is booming with city nightlife after many years of living under the shadow of Newcastle. Having been recognised by NME magazine as "the new Manchester" for music it has recently seen local band "the Futureheads" and "Radio One's Big Weekend" breathe new life into the area. Certainly, there is no shortage of local live music if you like to watch bands in easily accessible areas of the city centre. Bars such as "PURE" and "The Borough" beside park lane interchange frequently host live bands with low priced admission.

Nightclubbing has also begun to thrive since more and more bar, club owners have established themselves in the city, and Sunderland can now offer a competitive night out to Newcastle. Most popular clubs in the city are "Liquid & Diva", "the Beach" and "Privilege" all again based right inside the city centre no more than two mins away from each other. The number of bars in the city has doubled over the last 4 years and Sunderland can offer one of the biggest pub-crawls of any city.

Recently added to the city was the huge "Cineworld" multiscreen cinema. For many years residents in Sunderland had to go outside of the city to see the movies they wanted to see, but the new cinema, built beside a multi-storey car park near Wearmouth bridge has meant people don't have to spend excessive money on travel fares. Money can in fact be saved with a low cost ticket for students and a bargain Tuesday where all tickets are very reasonably priced.


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