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Manchester Guide For Students

Welcome to the capital city of the North! Manchester is famous for its hospitable environment, eclectic style, celebrity visitors and (of course) Manchester United! So it’s no wonder students have made it a favourite when deciding where to go for university. If you aren’t afraid of a challenge and feel up to jumping right into the deep end then this is the place to be. You’ll need street smarts and confidence to tackle this metropolis of wonders, but it’s guaranteed to be a journey you’ll never want to forget.

When it comes to retail, Manchester is the busiest shopping district outside of London. The Arndale is an enclosed mall which holds all the high street brands, and then some! Sitting along Market Street the centre is buzzing with life and is great for spending a leisurely afternoon after lectures. In the middle of the main square you’ll find a brand new scene each weekend; sometimes it’s a Moroccan market, at other times a music promotion, so there will always be something new to entertain you.

TIP: Visit the nearby St. Anne’s Square at Christmas time, where the most amazing Christmas Market appears as if by magic!

The Northern Quarter is home to the artists, musicians, film makers and designers of the city, as well as a primary student location. Situated between Piccadilly and Ancoats,  the Quarter’s warmth and brightness will instantly enclose you within its magic and you’ll be transported to a universe knitted out of vintage clothing stores and decorated with independent book shops, art galleries and boudoir-esque bars and cafes, all playing to a soundtrack of original music from funky retro vinyl shops. You’ll meet lots of unique characters as everybody has their own trend and isn’t afraid to express themselves in this care-free neighbourhood.

TIP: Check out Affleck’s Palace for endless fun.

The Printworks is a great place for day and night entertainment. It’s the perfect escape from the rainy Mancunian weather; everything is included under one giant roof! Here you’ll find the Odeon Cinema, as well as fantastic restaurants, bars and student-friendly clubs like Pure and Entourage, who throw unimaginable themed parties and consistently book popular performers to keep the masses entertained.

TIP: Book a Karaoke booth at Tiger Tiger for an original party experience. 


You’ve probably heard of Manchester’s Canal Street, or the Gay Village as it’s often called. Here you’ll find an open and accepting atmosphere, and that goes for whether you’re homosexual or otherwise! The clubs are open to anyone who’s up for a fun night out, though the village does offer two all-girl bars for those who are after something a little more specific! TIP: Check out Manto or Alter Ego for a great night out.

For the real student village, check out Oxford Road (that one with all the uni’s!) and have fun trying out the dozens of different take-outs and diverse pubs scattered up and down the largest road in town. Get yourself to Rock Kitchen on a Saturday night or to Jilly’s on any other, and rock out to quality music before heading into town and discovering one of the hundreds of bars and clubs that Manchester has to offer.

Speaking of music, it’s almost a sin to not mention the huge scene in Manchester. The summer festivals, intimate live gigs and humungous concerts are sure to keep you busy all year round. Recent musical acts to grace the city have included Rihanna, Kaiser Chiefs and Lady Gaga, as well as the yearly Pride festival and awesome Mad Ferret drum n bass extravaganza. Just try and get your coursework done in between all the fun!

After you’re done partying, what could be better than a curry with friends? But forget take-away, jump on the bus down to Wilmslow Road and have a freshly cooked meal in a nice restaurant – yes, even at 2am! Known as the Curry Mile, this road in Rusholme is near to some of the most popular student accommodation, and is a great place to hook up and hang out at any time.

Transport is of excellent standard in Manchester; the free metro-shuttle makes it a breeze to get around the town centre, and frequent buses and trams will take you to new and exciting places, including the Trafford Centre and Salford Quays. Piccadilly train station is also within walking distance with direct trains to almost everywhere, so you won’t be lacking in new places to visit if city life starts to take its toll a little. 


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