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Workers in healthcare are concerned with the health and well-being of people. As well as caring for those who are ill or have medical conditions, there are opportunities to investigate new and better treatments, and to educate people about healthier lifestyles.

Becoming a vet is a highly popular career choice for those wishing to work with animals. A vet is responsible for the prevention of disease and for the medical and surgical treatment of animals including, domestic pets, zoo animals, wildlife, farm animals and horses.

Accountancy can seem a stuffy career option but the reality is very different. Accountants are highly paid and are at the senior levels of company environments. Accountants are often self-employed and work in many areas including IT, finance, procurement and manufacturing. In fact there is no area of work where accountants aren't involved. Meeting new people and extensive travel are just some of the perks on offer and with ever growing needs for costs to be controlled the work of the accountant is only going to get more important in the future.

Advertising, to put it simply, is the promotion of a product or a service to an audience. There are many different ways that this could be done – through the media in TV, print, radio and online. In outdoor advertising. With an experiential campaign where members of the public come into direct contact with what you’re trying to sell. The options are endless, and in a world where it is increasingly hard to get brand messages heard, creativity is key in this industry.

The armed services are a great way to get training in all areas of work from engineering, medical careers, logisitics and many others. So if you fancy travelling the world on the front line or backing up our service men and women or are looking for a leadership career in the officer ranks then check out our overviews and career articles.

For those people who are creative, a career in the arts industry is very appealing. The breadth of careers is large, with the potential to develop a career as a fine artist or graphic designer, or alternatively to work in another role related to the industry.

Broadcasting refers to audio or video being distributed through the mediums of TV or Radio. This can cover journalism, however it also refers to presenting and production of other materials such as drama series, educational programmes and game shows.
There are numerous people involved in the production of a TV or radio show, from those that appear on air to a whole team of people behind the scenes.

Engineering can be divided into a number of major sectors such as electrical, electronic, mechanical, civil & structural, chemical, manufacturing and software engineering. People working in each of those sectors have formed professional engineering societies and these organisations are one of the main sources of information if you want to find out more about engineering. Overseeing all the professional engineering bodies is the Engineering Council which ensures that all institutions work to the same high standard.

If you don't get the grades you need for your firm or insurance choices, 'Clearing' gives you another chance to secure a place at institutions with last-minute vacancies.

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