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Simple Steps to University Clearing 2016


Results day. It's like singing in the shower – we all do it differently. Some people pretend it doesn't

happen. Some hum along under their breath and quietly get on with it. Others wrap themselves in
a lather coat of many colours and belt it out like there's no tomorrow. But the truth is, there's no
right or wrong way to approach singing in the shower, it's just something that happens to all of us
at some point – and collecting your exam results is exactly the same. You do it your way.
However you choose to pick up your results – online, at school, in a group, alone in a corner –
there's no doubt that it's a big moment. That's OK. But what happens if you open that envelope and
you don't see what you want, or need, to see? If you miss your grades, for whatever reason, there
are a few things you need to do.

Freak out

Seriously. You're only human, and if you feel like you need to scream, shout, cry, make little paper
dolls and burn them, then do it. (Well, maybe not the dolls, that's a bit odd.) It'll make you feel
better. Allowing yourself some time to react emotionally will clear your mind for the tasks ahead. Do
what works for you – laugh with your friends, go for a walk, hide in your room for a bit, it's all good.
We'd advise against sprinting off to the park with The Big Book of Self Pity and a bottle of vodka,
though – it's hard to make important decisions when you can't remember your own name. Once
you've taken a few deep breaths, it's time to consider the next step.

Don't panic

Yes, everyone is saying that to you, but they're saying it for a reason. If you didn't get the grades you
wanted, you have a lot of options and life as you know it isn't over. If you do feel like that, don't
worry, it's understandable – but instead of thinking about the grades you missed, think about the
new opportunities you have. Clearing gives you the chance to try out things you may have never
even considered, and that's a good thing. The other important thing to remember is that you're not
doing this alone – thousands of other students know how you feel, and you're surrounded by lots of
people who can help you.

Get your list on

Nothing helps order your thoughts better than a good old fashioned list. Read through our Clearing
guide to get a good idea of the options open to you, and write down everything that appeals, no
matter how strange. No, you can't include 'Bang head repeatedly against wall'. Stop that. Get
everything down, from 'Contact first choice uni' to 'take Gap Year and spend it eating sand'. Your
teachers are there to help at this stage, and it could be useful to bounce ideas off your friends,
parents or carers, or anyone you like - dogs are good listeners, we find.

Plan your attack

Got your list? Good. Now look through it and pick out the things you need to do straight away. That
could be contacting your first choice uni to see if they'll still consider you, getting in touch with your
insurance offer, starting to look through the Clearing lists, or getting all the info together to start
calling admissions tutors. Whatever you decide to do, being proactive and getting on with stuff will
help. The sooner you sort things out, the sooner the summer can begin and you can start looking
forward to the future.

Don't go anywhere

It's harder to sort out Clearing places and so on from the poolside in Spain, so try not to go on
holiday for a few weeks after results day. You'll find the whole process a lot less stressful if you're in
a familiar place with everything you need to hand – and that includes your friends, teachers, and the
tin of biscuits hidden under the bed.

Stay positive

You might sort everything out in a few hours, or it could take a week or two. It doesn't matter: the
thing to remember is that you have plenty of options, and you should project a friendly, positive
attitude when you're dealing with admissions tutors, advisors and so on. Even if you hang up the
phone and chant 'it sucks to be me' every now and then, as long as you're generally upbeat you'll
come across well to everyone you speak to, which will definitely work in your favour.

And finally...

Give yourself a break. Clearing can take a bit of time, so don't spend every waking hour fretting – do
other stuff too. Get outside, get some fresh air and exercise, go to work, go out with your mates,
start a band and change music forever...anything you like, really. Just give your mind, body and soul
something else to do. Be patient, and chances are you'll get a good result.
Don't forget to keep checking this site for updates and advice. Good luck!
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