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Royal Army Veterinary Corps


The RAVC are deeply involved with all aspects of military animal activity, from ceremonial duties with the Household Cavalry or The King's Troop RHA to the procurement, training and maintenance of Military Working Dogs and their subsequent use in UK and Operational theatres.

The RAVC currently has a huge role to play in Afghanistan, providing the handling and training expertise for a range of Military Working Dog (MWD) classifications working in the Force Protection and Search spheres. Veterinary Officers use their expertise to maintain the health and welfare of the MWDs provide advice on zoonotic disease and environmental health matters as well as working with the Provincial Reconstruction Team on Veterinary Engagements / Teaching Initiatives.

RAVC personnel enjoy a challenging and varied career involved in all aspects of the use of animals for military purposes, from the animals' procurement, through their initial assessment and training. Ensuring the maintenance of the animals' health, welfare and fitness throughout their service life is of the highest standard enables them to be used to their full operational capacity.

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