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Get Down to Business and Law


The business world surrounds us all. If you think you’ll need the skills to take tough managerial decisions, start your own business or analyse word markets, exploit international trade links or understand legal small print, the Faculty of Business and Law at Liverpool John Moores University will cater for all your needs through a range of degree and professional courses.

The Faculty, comprises five schools:

• Accounting Finance and Economics
• Business Information
• Law
• Languages
• The School of Management
• Management

The City

Liverpool draws you in. It’s not difficult to see why. Yes the nightlife is great: from the hedonistic-soaked clubs such as Society and Garlands to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, the city’s got the lot.  Career prospects are good: 600,000 people are employed in Merseyside businesses. It’s a feeling of optimism, a ‘can do’ approach to life a city reborn.

What’s the point of studying on a great course in a great city with a fantastic social life if you don’t get a job at the end of it? We focus students on preparing for the world of work and the career of their choice.

Meet the students from Business & Law...

Robin Shannon, Oliver Crook and James Dunningham decided to pool their expertise and form Fresh Consultants prior to their graduation in the summer of 2002. They offer services in areas such as marketing, web design, purchasing and business strategy.

"It can be very difficult in this business to break through and establish a credible reputation but we've succeeded through hard work, new ideas and a passion to put them into reality," says Oliver.

Armed with a strategic plan to target SME's with a cost effective service that combines current business thinking with well-founded recommendations for improving profitability, the dynamic trio have gone from strength to strength.

Robin continues: "It's been a steep learning curve but we've had the continued support and advice from our former tutors at JMU. JMU set us on this road and we're all determined to make a success of it."

Tim Ternent, who graduated from JMU in 1999 with a BA (Hons) in French and Spanish, has embarked on a fast track career with the European Marketing department of General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC).

In addition to helping the retail customer buy GM products, GMAC also provides the dealers with the finance to buy large quantities of vehicles. Tim explains: "My role entails travelling across Europe and visiting GMAC branches to offer advice on interaction with customers, manufacturers and dealers. The work is really varied and the language skills that I gained at JMU are used on a day-to-day basis."

"Looking back at my University experience, I enjoyed the practical approach to academic study together with the focus on employment after graduation. It's an institution with its feet placed firmly in the real world and I think I've benefited from that ethos.

"The lecturers were approachable and the library was extremely good. If you wanted a book or publication that wasn't immediately available, the staff would order it for you. Nothing was too much trouble".

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