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Vending Machine Operative

Vending machine operatives fill, clean and maintain coin operated machines that carry goods such as cigarettes, confectionery, drinks, sandwiches and packaged snacks. Some offer services such as instant passport sized photos and mobile phone battery charging. A recent introduction into the market has been digital vending machines, which offer products such as ring tones, logos, top-ups and games for mobile phones.

The vending machine operative is responsible for cleaning and refilling the machines and collecting all the money. They must ensure that all machines are in good working order and report or fix all minor faults.

As a vending machine operative is responsible for a network of machines in a designated area, they will need to spend their time travelling between sites, therefore, a driving licence is usually essential. The vehicle a vending machine operative uses, is usually provided by the employer. They may be required to work early mornings, evenings or weekends. An ability to work on their own and to be reliable and trustworthy is also required.

Salary starts at around £12,000 a year and may rise to around £17,00 a year.

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