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Vehicle Parts Operative

A vehicle parts operative is responsible for ordering, selling and looking after stock for a range of vehicle parts and accessories. Customers include the general public, dealerships, as well as other garages. Their main tasks are advising customers on vehicle parts and components, taking orders for parts required and locating and controlling stock. Their advice is frequently sought by customers needing help solving problems with their vehicles, therefore they do need a very good knowledge of vehicles, although they do not actually work directly on them. 

A vehicle parts operative may specialise in light vehicle parts such as cars, vans and motorcycles or in heavy vehicles parts, such as lorries, trucks, buses and coaches.

The role is a combination of administration, stores-management and sales. It is vital that parts are stored safely, conveniently and methodically, so that they can be found at a moment’s notice and a vehicle parts operative is responsible for this. They need to be very well organised and to be able to cope with a large amount of detailed information and figures. They are also responsible for noting which stock is running low and ordering replacement stock in good time.

 A vehicle parts operative needs to be comfortable bending, lifting and carrying heavy items.

Starting pay is around £10,000 a year, with experience this can rise to £25,000 a year, for someone in a managerial position. 

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