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Travel agency sales consultant

Travel agency sales consultants offer advice on leisure or business
travel and sell holidays.
The job description of a travel agency sales consultant includes:
helping customers to find a suitable package holiday or to plan
independent travel
checking availability of the chosen holiday by telephone or computer
making bookings using a computer system
collecting deposits and filling in booking forms
advising on passports, travel insurance, visas and vaccinations

In addition, travel agents enjoy short visits to resorts overseas to
improve their knowledge of the holidays they are selling.

How to become a travel agent

The most common way to get into this kind of work is to find a job with
a travel agency and train on the job. Specific qualifications are not required, although GCSEs (A-C) in subjects such as maths, English and geography are useful.
A full time college before looking for work, could prove beneficial. Relevant courses include:
BTEC Level 2 First Diploma in Travel and Tourism
BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Travel and Tourism
BTEC HNC/HND in Travel and Tourism Management
degrees in travel and tourism

Skills and Knowledge required

a good telephone manner and strong communication skills
sales skills, both face-to-face and over the telephone
IT skills
an interest in travel
a knowledge of geography
the ability to work well as a member of a team


Salaries start at around £13,000 a year, but with experience this can
rise to between £15,000 and £25,000. Salaries for senior posts can be
£30,000 or more.


The hours

Travel agents usually work 35 to 40 hours a week over five days,
normally between Monday and Saturday. Part-time work is available.

Useful websites (careers information) – the sector skills council for hospitality,
travel, tourism and leisure

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