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Transport Scheduler

The Role

Transport schedulers plan and organize certain routes for van, truck, buses and tram drivers to follow on a regular day to day basis. This is to make sure that journeys and delivery's run smooth and fast. Their main role is to arrange and plan schedules and timetables for drivers to follow. It is very important that transport schedulers get this correct and don't make any mistakes. They also have to check that health and safety procedures are followed accurately. Transport schedulers often work between 35-40 hours a week, and they they usually work in an office in a warehouse, depot or traffic center. The offices usually always have lots of machinery and space for schedulers to work. Transporters should be good at Maths and English, as well as being a well organized individual. This will be beneficial for the company they are working for, as timetables have to be planned to perfection a lot of the time. They should also be good on computers, as they will be using spreadsheets to input data. To find out more about transport schedulers click on the following link,

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