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Store Demonstrator

Store demonstrators work in department stores, shopping centres, supermarkets and other retail businesses, promoting products to increase sales. The variety of products they promote is vast, from things like food and drink samples, to kitchen appliances and gadgets to new perfume samples.

Some store demonstrators are employed full-time by stores or retail chains, and some are freelance and find work through an agency.

A store demonstrator should be confident and outgoing and have excellent communication and presentation skills. They should enjoy speaking to people of all ages and backgrounds and be passionate about promoting their products.

Initially, they will need to stock up their stand with product samples and leaflets and create an attractive display area. They then need to encourage people to stop and sample their merchandise. Sometimes they are aided by a microphone or public address system, so they should be comfortable using such equipment. They should also be happy to deal with any questions regarding the product.

Store Demonstrators are often required to travel to different stores or locations so a driving license is very helpful. They spend a lot of their day standing and may have carry and lift boxes which could be heavy.

There is the opportunity to work part time.

Salaries can start at £10,000 and may increase to around £20,000 a year. Some store demonstrators earn commission.

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