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Stock Control/Replenishment Assistant

A stock control or replenishment assistant is responsible for replacing stock on shelves and display areas when customers have made purchases. They work in supermarkets and other types of retail outlets and may also be referred to as shelf stackers or shelf fillers.

It is important that they ensure that perishable goods are rotated with the earliest sell-by dates at the front of shelves and that they remove goods that are past their sell-by date. They will be required to add reduced price tickets on goods that are with short sell-by dates. They are also responsible for keeping displays clean, tidy and presentable.

They need to be able to operate trolleys or cages to transfer the goods from warehouse to shop floor, so they should be comfortable with a degree of physical work.

A stock control/replenishment assistant should be prepared to work weekends, evenings or holidays. There is also the possibility of part time positions being available.

Salaries start at around around £12,000 a year and can increase to around £22,000.

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