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Sports Physiotherapists

Sports Physiotherapists treat athletes with sports injuries. They identify the injury and then devise a programme to improve the movement and function of the injured area. They also provide advice on how to avoid injury. Design rehabilitation programmes for athletes as and when required.


How to get Into Sports Physiotherapy

When you complete your degree complete your hospital/clinic rotations as a junior physiotherapist to gain all round experience before specialising. Volunteer to work with a sports organisation/team to gain experience. Experience a day in the life of a sports physiotherapist by shadowing a physiotherapist for a day.


Qualifications and Experience

Universities usually look for A Levels Grade B/C.

One A Level should be a biological science. Students should also hold a minimum of five GCSEs at grade C and above and include Maths, English Language and Sciences.

For a degree study a BSc in Physiotherapy. A list of universities providing this course is available via


Salary Expectations

This will depend on where and who you work for and your level of experience.  Salaries can range from £30,000 upwards.


Useful Websites

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