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Shoe Repairer

A shoe repairer repairs footwear and other accessories like bags and belts. The majority of repairers work in high street shops, where they combine shoe repairing with other services like watch repairs, key cutting and engraving.

Popular shoe repairs carried out include worn sole and heel replacing, replacing accessories such as buckles, laces, straps, zips and eyelets, and also the polishing, dying and staining of shoes. They are also responsible for maintaining and servicing equipment and machinery, and sharpening cutting tools. A shoe repairer is also responsible for handling payments and dealing with any customer queries.

A shoe repairer needs to be be able to work with very strong fumes and adhesives, and hazardous, loud and  intricate machinery. They also need to be aware of health and safety regulations and protocols, and be prepared for some weekend work.

Shoe repairs can also specialise is orthopaedic footwear or specialist footwear.

Salaries start at around £12, 500 a year and can rise, with experience to, around £21,000.


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