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Royal Navy Rating

The Royal Navy is regarded as one of best Naval Forces in the world. A fighting force, working as part of the UK’s Joint Forces with the UKs North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies. They also have important roles during peacetime, such as providing humanitarian relief, fighting drug smuggling, people-trafficking and piracy, protecting UK fishing grounds and carrying out crucial environmental and scientific research. Within the Naval Service, there’s a huge range of jobs, trades and specialist roles open to you, depending on your qualifications, interests and experience. Here are just some of the opportunities open to you.

Warfare Operations - operating the ships weapons and ensuring they are fully functional

Engineering Operations - as an engineer you will be responsible for maintaining the ships, aircraft and submarines and ensure they are in working order

Medical Operations - this role is vital to ensure the health of those within the navy

Naval Air Branch - Within this section you work closely with Navy Pilots and various different types of aircraft

Submarine Service - you will be in charge of operating the weapons onboard a submarine and ensure they are always fully functional


Entry Requirements

There are no minimum qualifications required however you will be given a series of tests designed to judge your numeracy, comprehension of English and mechanical aptitude. Later, you will undergo an interview with a careers officer, followed by a medical examination.

To apply to join you must be at least 15 years and nine months old, and if you are under 18 you will need your parents’ permission.

There are height restrictions for some roles.

You must meet the Royal Navy nationality and residence requirements.

The addition of GCSEs, or equivalent, opens up many more possibilities

Before you can be accepted, you will have to be given security clearance by the Ministry of Defence.

Finally, if you are selected you will be invited to attend a four-day Royal Navy Acquaint Centre Course in Scotland, where you will be given a taste of naval life, without commitment before you begin naval training.

The navy also offers a sponsorship scheme under which recruits can receive bursaries towards their college and university studies.


Salary Expectations

Starting salaries £13,377 a year.

Able ratings can earn between £16,681 and £28,372 a year.

Warrant officers can earn up to £45,836 a year.

If you want to join the Royal Navy you should first visit your local Armed Forces Careers Office, which can be found in the phone book or on the Royal Navy website


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