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royal navy officer

Royal Navy Officer

The Role

Royal Navy officers are the senior managers of the Royal Navy. Royal Navy/Marines officer needs to manage and lead people, to work as part of a team, to have strong communication skills, to be prepared to work in dangerous conditions as well as being physically fit. They must be confident in their abilities, take responsibility for their decisions and deal with stressful situations. They have to live and work with the same people every day when at sea and spend long periods away from their families.

Entry Requirements

Be at least age 17 (the upper age limit varies according to the specialism)

A minimum height of 151.5cm

To meet strict eyesight standards

To pass a medical

To meet the Royal Navy nationality and residence requirements.


You will need to have excellent leadership skills

Five GCSEs (A*-C)/ 5 Scottish Standard Grades (1-3)/ equivalent, including English and maths.

And the equivalent of at least 180 UCAS points

Not all courses and qualifications, especially those at BTEC or of a more vocational nature, are suitable for inclusion within this 180 points total. Therefore candidates should seek guidance through their Naval Careers Advisor.

Financial support through scholarships and bursaries is sometimes available to help with sixth-form and degree-level study; see the Royal Navy Careers website for details.

If you have a degree you could apply through Direct Graduate Entry.

Salary Expectations

Salary ranges from £37,200 for a Lieutenant up to £87,600 for a Captain.


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