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A roundsperson delivers or sells goods or services to customers at their homes or places of work. They tend to visit the same places, at an appointed time on a regular basis, so that customers expect them, and are able to place an order or make a purchase.

They type of goods they have for sale varies and they normally specialise in a range of items, such as milk and dairy, sandwiches and snacks, household products, books or groceries.

They may deliver their goods by motor vehicle, bicycle or on foot, depending on the size of the area they cover.

Most roundpersons work on a self-employed basis, however they may also work as a franchisee or for a company who will then take a percentage of their earnings.

They are responsible for collecting their goods from a wholesaler or depot, the upkeep and maintenance of their delivery vehicle and for keeping accurate financial records and delivery logs. They are also responsible for taking payments and handling cash. 

A roundsperson needs to be prepared for early starts, working in all weathers and lifting and carrying heavy or awkward shaped packages.

Salaries may range from around £12,500 to over £23,000 a year.


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