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Retail Careers ( A to P )

One of the main attractions of a career in retail is the diversity of the sector. From supermarkets to convenience stores, from department stores to small boutiques, from high street names to local independents, from shopping malls to town centres, from self service to one to one customer service, there is something for everyone. And regardless of the type of retail outlet, in essence the core skills of the sales assistant or the retail manager remain the same.  This means that the skills are transferable from one type of retail to another and this also  means that as an industry, it is easy to move around in order to seek new challenges, new prospects and to further you career.  Retail is an exciting environment to work in.  It is in a constant state of flux.  No two days are ever the same and for those of you that are of a sociable nature you have the opportunity to meet new people every day.  The work is challenging and the environment is forever competitive, with each retailer constantly fighting for a larger slice of the market. 

What career progression and qualifications are on offer?

Retail has often been described as a dead end job, but this is only the case if you lack the drive, get up and go and enthusiasm that it takes to move your job a step further up the ladder.  Retail offers opportunities for career progression and promotion for motivated individuals who are willing to embrace the challenge.  Many large companies offer fast track trainee management programmes, while many companies like to promote from within.  In response to the ever longer opening hours retail companies have had to review management structures and now there are more opportunities for junior management and supervisors than were previously available. 

What are the entry requirements? 

To pursue a career in retail the entry requirements are minimal. There are no formal qualifications required, although a good level of literacy and numeracy is essential, as is the ability to communicate in a friendly and helpful manner.  There is no age limit providing the individual is at least 16 years old.  Entry can be at any stage whether it be post school or college, graduate, or a mature person changing career. 

Once I have a job, how do I progress?


Once in retail the opportunities to progress in a company, and to further your skills and knowledge through the achievement of recognised qualifications, are vast.

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