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Television Researcher

Being a Researcher is a varied role which puts you right at the heart of a production and sees you working closely with the rest of the team to achieve fantastic results.

The role of a Researcher can change frequently depending on the project you are working on, whether you're in a small or large company, and whether you are working in factual television, entertainment or drama. Multi-tasking is the name of the game for Researchers, so you need to be adaptable and able to work quickly. Examples of tasks you might be asked to complete include researching information about the topic your project is covering, finding appropriate interviewees or giving information about specific subjects, researching locations for filming and visiting the location to take photos for the Director, taking part in script meetings and letting the team know about information you have come across which could help with the process.

How to Get into Television Researching

Although no specific educational or training qualifications are required for the role of Researcher a degree in a media related, drama or specialist subject may provide some useful background information. Experience in, and knowledge of, the pre-production and production processes is required.

Salary Expectations

Pay is extremely varied, some people work for nothing in order to get experience and their foot in the door others earn  £10,000  upwards depending upon the programme, and their experience.

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