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Post Office Customer Service Consultant

Post office customer service consultants provide assistance to customers from either behind a counter in a post office or in a post shop. They provides a variety of services to their customers, generally the range of these services provided depend on the size of the post office/shop.

These services generally include; selling stamps and weighing/charging for letters, packages and parcels;

dealing with foreign exchange/currency and health and travel insurance and helping customers apply for passports; dealing with a range of financial services, including benefits and pensions payments, national savings, premium bonds and giro bank accounts; accepting payment for a wide variety of bills including electricity, gas, phones and road tax; dealing with motor vehicle registrations and driving license applications; promoting goods and services to customers including things like post office bank accounts, loans and savings accounts; and selling retail items and stationary.

Post office customer service consultants should be able to deal with the public in a polite, efficient and friendly manner. They should be able to work under a degree of pressure when busy and queues are formed, and it's also important they have good numerical skills and are able to handle payments and forms accurately.

Salaries start at around £15,500 to around £19,000 a year. There is the possibility of part-time work.


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