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Meter Reader

Meter readers record the consumption of electricity, water and gas by private citizens and businesses. They do this by reading the dials on either indoor or outdoor meters and recording the figures, usually on a hand-held computer terminal or sometimes on official record sheets.

Customer bills are created using the information that the meter readers provide. They usually feed this through to the energy supplying company by inputting the details on to a main computer system.

Meter-readers walk or drive along an assigned route to take their readings, which they record in a route book. They may be required to interact with customers and deal with any enquiries they have. They need to have official identification with them at all times and be fit and able to walk up to 6 miles a day. They may also be required to bend down and climb ladders. They also require good time management skills, and should be accurate and observant.

Meter readers may be employed by specialised meter reading companies or directly by energy companies.

Salaries start at around £13,100 a year and can increase to over £20,000.


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