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Media Planner

Advertising media planners identify the best mix of media channels to deliver an advertising
message to a client's target audience. Media channels can include radio, cinema, press, television,
outdoor spaces, mail, the web and mobile communications.

Media planners discuss advertising strategy with their clients, analyse and research the target
audience's characteristics, advise the creative team and clients about the most effective media
combination and present media proposals.

Media buying involves obtaining the best advertising rates, adjusting media schedules in response
to the latest audience figures, managing budgets and monitoring and updating clients on the
effectiveness of campaigns.

Larger media agencies usually separate the planning and buying roles, although some creative
agencies may combine them.

Media planners/buyers tend to work normal office hours, although deadlines can mean longer
hours. Usually office based, they may spend time travelling to meetings. Maintaining contact with
media owners can involve some out-of-hours socialising.

An advertising media planner/buyer should have:

  • excellent research skills
  • the ability to recognise good opportunities
  • confidence in negotiating
  • good team and interpersonal skills
  • an interest in media and people's motivations.

Salaries may range from £18,000 to £60,000 plus a year.

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