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Meat Hygiene Inspector

Meat hygiene inspectors are responsible for making sure that high standards of health and safety, cleanliness and care are met in meat production.

As well as ensuring that meat is fit for human consumption, meat hygiene inspectors are also responsible for the health and welfare of animals at slaughter, however protection of public health is the paramount reason for the role of meat hygiene inspectors. They are required to work with many different people including cattle and poultry breeders, slaughterhouse staff, production and processing plants staff, cutting plant staff, vets,  butchers and meat retailers.

Meat hygiene inspectors will inspect live animals to ensure they are not carrying diseases and also carry out post mortem inspections on dead animals. They keep detailed reports on their inspections and if they reject meat as unfit they then need to supervise the disposal and ensure that it is disposed of in a manner that complies with the regulations. They also ensure that recommendations for future production are carried out.

Meat hygiene inspectors are required to have a detailed knowledge of pathologies, parasites and conditions that allow them to make a judgement as to the fitness of the presented carcass, therefore a knowledge of science is required.

Meat hygiene inspectors need to be physically fit to be able to lift heavy carcasses and to be able to work in environments that could be extremely cold or warm.

Salaries start at around £17,000 a year and can increase to over £32,300 a year.

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