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Materials Scientist

Material scientists study the physical and chemical properties of materials used to manufacture products. It is an interdisciplinary field applying the properties of matter to different areas of science and engineering.

All materials whether of human design or naturally occurring are composed of chemicals. Material scientists search for new knowledge about chemicals and use it to improve life. They examine how and why different materials such as metals,  ceramics, plastics, glass, polymers, composites and biomaterials, behave in different conditions. Conditions include temperature, stress pressure or exposure to climatic conditions.

Material scientists seek to understand how best to mould, shape, extrude and manufacture materials in order to enhance the performance, appearance, sales and profitability of a product.

A material scientist may be involved in environmental studies by creating sustainability and less waste in products. They may be employed by a variety of global manufacturers including the aerospace, automotive, steel, medical, cosmetic and electrical industries

Salaries start at around £19,000 a year to over £50,000 a year in a senior role.

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