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Materials Reclaimer

A materials reclaimer buys, finds, collects, then sells scrap materials for profit. These materials can include all types of metals, wood, glass, bricks, cloth and rags, machinery, waste paper, plastics, tyres and packaging.

They might buy materials from buildings and homes that are being demolished or auctioned, items left over from auctions, or old cars.

Materials reclaimers need to be physically fit and able to do practical work outdoors in all weather conditions. If they are managing a team of material reclaimers, then some office work and administrative duties would be required. They should also have in interest in recycling and its important they understand the legal and licensing aspects of reclamation.

Salaries start at around £12,000 a year. A more experienced or specialist materials reclaimer could expect to earns £45,000 or more.

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