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Marine Biologist

Marine biology is a vast field relating to the study of marine organisms. A marine biologist is required to study life forms of the ocean in all varying degrees of size, from a scientific perspective.

Marine biologists are involved in tasks such as collecting samples, developing, building or testing equipment, carrying out analyses of raw data and planning or running experiments.

Marine biologists may be required to work in the field, which in this case is the ocean, therefore an ability to swim/scuba-dive may be required. However, marine biologists could also work in aquariums or in a laboratory, analysing research. They may also work in a college or university lecturing or teaching marine biology.

Marine biologists may also be called upon to providing specialist advice to various organisations, ranging from industry and environmental pressure groups to government and water authorities. They are required to measure the effects of environmental changes and human activities on marine ecosystems.

Salaries start at around £15,000 to over £50,000 for well-established marine biologists.

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