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Landscape Architects

The Role

Landscape architects specialise in planning, designing, supervising work on, and managing the external environment. There is now an increasing need for good open space and landscape architects are key players in tackling climate change, developing sustainable communities and regenerating towns and cities across the country.

A landscape architect's job may involve:

  • talking to, and negotiating with, the client about the project
  • investigating the natural resources, features, wildlife and plants in the area
  • using computer-aided design (CAD) packages to create plans and designs
  • master planning of large-scale development
  • writing reports and giving presentations to groups of people
  • estimating costs and overseeing projects.

Landscape architects working in the public sector usually work a standard full-time week, Monday to Friday, although evening meetings and additional hours may be required. In private practice, hours may be longer and more irregular. They are usually based in an office, but spend a lot of time travelling to sites. Site work involves working outdoors in all weather conditions.

A landscape architect should:

  • be able to balance different demands and come up with a creative solution
  • have an appreciation of design
  • have good communication skills

Salaries range from around £20,000 to £38,500 a year in public sector work, and are usually higher in private practice.


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