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Hotel Receptionist

The role

A Hotel Receptionist acts as the main point of contact with guests for a hotel, sorting room bookings, welcoming guests and checking them in, as well as handling their queries during their stay.

Responsibilities can also cover organising bills and processing payments, passing messages onto guests, dealing with complaints, and handling foreign currency in an exchange service.

A Hotel Receptionist is based behind the front desk of a hotel, and the breadth of their responsibilities vary according to the size of the hotel.

 Small hotels may require their receptionists to take guests to their room, for instance. Larger hotels boast computerised bookings systems, phone switchboards, and often have a team of receptionists manning the desk.

How to become a Hotel Receptionist

Minimum grade requirements from most employers are to have GCSEs, especially in subjects such as maths, English, and IT.

College courses can help with basic preparation for the role of a Hotel Receptionist. There are a number of BTEC courses in subjects such as Hospitality and Hospitality Customer Relations.

City & Guilds also offer a Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Reception Operations and Services. There are variable entry requirements to these courses, so check before application.

Some hotels recruit through Apprenticeship schemes, for further information visit the Apprenticeships website.

Once recruited by a hotel, a Receptionist will be trained by experienced fellow staff.

Skills and knowledge required

  • Good people and communication skills
  • Strong organisational and multi-tasking skills
  • Attention to detail
  • The ability to problem solve
  • Patience and discretion


Starting salaries often average £13,000, with more experienced Hotel Receptionists earning around £20,000.

The hours

Due to most receptions being manned for 24 hours, Hotel Receptionists usually work in shifts that include nights, weekends and public holidays.

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