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A florist is a professional who specialises in the selection and arrangement of flowers and plants to sell to the general public or to businesses.

Florists need to use imagination, flair and a lot of artistic ability to create original designs for a variety of occasions. Arrangements can include fresh flowers, dried flowers, ribbons, foliage, other plant material, and  ornamental features.  They must also know about the structure and needs of different flowers and plants to keep them in the best condition and prolong their life.

Florists also typically stock vases, baskets, balloons and other tools for the display of flowers

Florist may take orders in person, over the telephone or by the internet and should have good customer service skills, and be able to work to a tight deadline. Those running their own business also need to be able to budget and manage accounts. A florist may also be required to organise deliveries.

Salaries start at the national minimum wage and can increase to over £25, 000 a year.

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