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Filling Station Sales Assistant

Filling station sales assistants sell petrol, diesel and other products at filling stations .They spend most of their time at a cash desk dealing with sales transactions and working a console that monitors the dispensing of fuel from pumps on the forecourt.

Duties include serving customers, till operation, cash handling, keeping the shop clean and tidy, and all other associated tasks. Whilst most petrol stations have self operated pumps, there are a few filling stations that offer an attended service, where the assistant fills customers' vehicles with petrol or diesel.

Filling station sales assistants may also carry out tasks associated with a retail environment, such as stocktaking, re-ordering and displaying stock, refilling shelves and signing for deliveries. They may also be required to check that the money taken tallies with the sales recorded, at the end of their shift.

Filling stations are frequently open 24 hours a day, therefore filling station sales assistants may be required to work weekends and late evenings. There is the opportunity for part time work.

Salaries start at around £11,000 to £19,000 or more a year.

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