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Credit controller

The role

Credit controllers  are responsible for recovering unpaid money from

businesses or individuals. They could work for a collection agency

hired by a company to collect debts from businesses (commercial

collection) or individuals (consumer collection).  Credit controllers

also work in a company’s finance or credit department, chasing late

payments from suppliers or customers. 


Finally, Credit controllers are usually

based in offices or call centres. Field collectors though, usually

work from home and travel to visit clients in their homes or



How to become a credit controller

Employers  need recruits with some good GCSEs (A-C), including maths.

Additional qualifications in book keeping and maths are an advantage.


Skills and Knowledge required

These include:

•   good spoken and written communication skills

•   an assertive but tactful manner

•   calmness under pressure

•   an organised and methodical approach

•   the ability to work to strict deadlines

•   good negotiation skills

•   the ability to explain financial matters firmly and clearly

•   good mathematical skills

•   administrative and computer skills



Salaries range between £13,000 and  £22,000 a year, though team

leaders can earn around £30,00 a year or more. Bonuses and commission

may be available and some employers offer a car and fuel



The hours

Credit controllers typically work 9am to 6pm, though evening and

weekend shift work is common.


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