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Contact Centre Operator


A contact centre operator is responsible for handling communication with customers by telephone, text messaging, fax, email, post or over the internet (usually live web chat assistance). They are sometimes referred to as a call centre operative.

They are required to provide general guidance and information to all callers which may involve handling complaints and resolving problems, advising on product stock and delivery dates or taking payments for goods and services. They may also be required to log calls usually by computer, and to take customers through security processes to access information. Contact service operators working in telemarketing may also be required to call up potential customers to promote or sell a product or a service.

Sectors that employ call centre operatives include finance and banking industries, IT and telecoms, insurance, retail and distribution, hospitality, legal advice, gas, electricity and water, travel and transport, the NHS, and government departments.

Most call centre operatives work in an office, although a small few may be able to work from home.

Salaries range from around £13,000 to over £30,000 a year for a senior position.

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