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Clinical Support Worker

The role

Clinical Support Workers, who are sometimes known as medical lab assistants, work with scientists and other medical workers to help in the treatment and diagnosis of patients.

Their duties could include organising and analysing specimens and samples, logging and analysing data on a computer, mixing solutions, operating machinery, sterilising equipment, organising the disposal of hazardous waste, and various administrative duties, including managing stock levels and keeping records.

Clinical Support Workers could work with scientists in many different specialist areas, such as blood (haematology), viruses (virology) and the immune system (immunology).

How to become a Clinical Support Worker

 There are no specified qualification entry requirements for this role. However, GCSEs in English, Maths and Science, and IT skills, are often beneficial. It can be of use to contact local hospitals to learn of their entry requirements.

Training is provided on the job, and there is the chance to take a Certificate of Competence, which can help with future career progression. Other associated courses, such as NVQs or Certificates in Laboratory Technical Skills or Clinical Laboratory Support can also be beneficial.

Skills and knowledge required

  • Attention to detail
  • Good teamwork skills
  • A scientific mind
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Concentration
  • A methodical approach


The salary of a Clinical Support Worker usually ranges from £13,500 to £18,500 a year.

The hours

Hours are usually full-time, between 37 and 40 a week, from Monday to Friday.

Useful websites – NHS Careers – Institute of Biomedical Science

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