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Checkout Operator

A checkout operator, sometimes referred to as a cashier, is employed by supermarkets, retail outlets, cinemas, restaurants, or department stores. They are responsible for processing items to be purchased and taking payment, usually by cash, credit/debit card or cheque.

A checkout operator is usually required to pass items over an electronic bar code reader or to key in prices manually. They also need to process loyalty cards and any discount or credit vouchers.

It is important that checkout operators keep their till stocked with change, till rolls, carrier bags and any other items required and to ensure that their work area is clean, tidy and presentable. They are also required to deal with customers in a friendly and polite way.

With large organisations, there is always the possibility of moving into supervisory or managerial positions. There is also the opportunity for part time work.

Salaries start at around £12,000 and may increase to around £22,000.


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