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A bookseller is a person who sells books, they are essential in connecting authors to readers. Their work is generally based on the shop floor, dealing with customers and they may work in a variety of types of bookshops. Bookshops range from small independent bookshops to large high street chains, to specialist bookshops such as second-hand or antique bookshops, children's bookshops or travel bookshops. Specialist bookshops tend to have a well-chosen selection of books and knowledgeable staff on hand to give help and advice if required.

Booksellers are required to operate tills and handle payments, process orders and reservations,

deal with enquiries and identify customer needs. They also process deliveries and returns, order in stock including buying from catalogues, wholesalers and publishers, ensure that shops are clean and tidy, and create in-store and window displays. They may also be involved in setting budgets and reviewing and setting sales targets and they may also organise book events such as signings and readings.

Employment opportunities include working within a large book-chain and self employment as the owner of an independent store. A bookseller within a large chain may have career opportunities such as moving into management.

The bookselling industry is currently undergoing huge changes due to the impact of online sellers and discount selling through a variety of outlets such as supermarkets.

Salaries start at around £12,000 and can increase to around £25,000. Managerial positions can expect to attract a salary of around £40,000.

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