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An auctioneer acts as go-between for a seller and a buyer at an an event in which goods or property are sold to the highest bidder. The auctioneer is responsible for ensuring that an item sells for the highest price possible through the auctioning process on the day, and publicising the sale or event in advance. During an auction sale, the auctioneer takes bids in a rapid manner. Bidders may participate in person or remotely through a variety of means, including via telephone and the internet.

An auctioneer may also be responsible for inspecting items and assessing their value, and deciding on a reserve price with a seller. They may also specialise in certain areas such as antiques, fine art, property, land, motor vehicles, agricultural livestock and insolvency.

Employers include provincial auction houses, international auction houses, property firms, estate agents and property firms and livestock market companies.

Salaries start at around £15,000 and can range to over £60,000.

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