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Art Director

Working in a team with a creative copywriter, the art director's role is responsible for the visual elements of advertising campaigns. Each project usually begins with a client briefing, before the creative team:

  • generate original ideas
  • produce storyboards or sketches of ideas
  • present ideas to the agency's creative director, account managers and client
  • work up designs and finalise copy
  • appoint graphic designers, artists, photographers and film crew
  • select film locations and oversee photo and film shoots
  • oversee the final edit of all advertisements for presentation to the client.

Art directors usually work on several projects at a time.

Most art directors work Monday to Friday, but flexibility is vital to meet deadlines. They spend
most of their time working indoors, in offices or studios, although regular travel to meet clients is

An advertising art director should be:

  • highly creative
  • knowledgeable about different design and production processes
  • an excellent communicator
  • team minded, working well within a pressurised, creative setting
  • interested in social and cultural trends and fashions.

Salaries may range from £18,000 a year for new entrants, to over £100,000 at the most senior level
in top agencies.

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