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Army Soldier

The Role

Life as a soldier is ideal if you like a practical challenge. The Army has a massive range of trades to choose from and provides all the training you'll need to do your job well, whether that involves building bridges, repairing tanks or driving vehicles. You'll also learn all the key soldiering skills so that you can operate safely in hostile environments. There are over 140 different Army jobs. Each one has its own entry standards,  therefore it’s important that you research what options are open to you before you have your first interview with an Army Careers Adviser, you can do this by visiting where you will find the online Role Finder to find out more about the jobs the Army has to offer. You can view all of them, or use the filters to narrow down the list based on you, your interests and the type of skills you'd like to gain.

Entry Qualifications

There are no minimum educational entry requirements except for certain technical jobs

Everybody joining the Army has to meet some basic entry requirements. These differ depending on whether you want to be an officer or a soldier. For a regular soldier

You must:

be aged between 16 and 33 on the day you enlist (if you are under 18, you will need consent from a parent or guardian)

meet the army nationality and residency requirements

Your GP must fill in a medical questionnaire and you will have to pass a full Army medical

Army Foundation Colleges

If you're aged between 16 years and 17 and years 5 months and want to join the Army as a Soldier, then check out the Army's Foundation Colleges. Depending on which role you join, you'll go to either the Army Foundation College in Harrogate or the Army Technical Foundation College in Winchester. Both of these combine basic military training with work-related learning to help you prepare for your Army role. You could also get an apprenticeship.


If you're studying, or are interested in studying a full Level 2 or Level 3 vocational course, or A levels before going on to become a soldier in the Army, you could earn up to £5,000 to help you during and after your studies. Why don't you take this opportunity to learn how the Army can improve your chance of qualifying and getting a guaranteed place at an Army Training Regiment.

Salary Expectations

Regular soldiers receive over £267 a week in Phase 1 training, which rises to at least £17,265 a year depending on which Army job you do. Some roles get specialist pay, which can be worth at least an extra £19 per day. Your salary will increase annually as your career continues, regardless of promotion and extra responsibilities. Within five years you could reach the rank of Sergeant and earn up to £32,756.

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