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Army Officer

Being an Army officer is about having the right temperament to handle the most demanding of situations, the right character to gain the utmost trust from the soldiers under your command and, above all, an overwhelming desire to make a real difference to people's lives. If this sounds like it's for you, then the Army will provide the training and help you need to develop your skills and set you on the path to success.

If you’re at university, or planning to go, there is a wide range of Army support available for you as a potential Regular officer or soldier including financial support worth up to £8000 while you study.

Officer training develops your leadership and management skills and shows you how to adapt them to the special demands of Army life. You learn to make difficult decisions under pressure. You also work on your fitness and learn the same military skills as the soldiers you will be leading. The course takes place at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and lasts 44 weeks for Regular officers.

Entry Qualifications

You must be:

17 years and 9 months - 28 years and 11months (higher age limit for professional or specialist applicants

meet the army nationality and residency requirements

Your GP must fill in a medical questionnaire and you will have to pass a full Army medical


Most officers are graduates, but you don’t need to have a degree – your personal qualities are as important as your qualifications.

However you will need;

35 ALIS points (34 for Scottish Standards) gained from the best seven subjects at GCSE, or equivalent, which must include English language, mathematics and either a science subject or a foreign language.
In addition a score of 180 UCAS Tariff points acquired in separate subjects at AS and A level, or equivalent. These must include a minimum of two passes at A level, or equivalent, at grades A-E. Note that the General Studies paper does not qualify for UCAS Tariff points.
The attainment of a degree will normally override the requirement for UCAS Tariff points.  


Salary Expectations

Non-graduates- Starting salary of £15,824 while you train which rises to £24,615 when you are commissioned as a Second Lieutenant.

Graduates- Starting salary of £24,615 and will earn at least £29,587 afterwards.

If you’re still serving in the Army after five years you could be earning at least £37,916 as a Captain.

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