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Antique Dealer Careers

An antique dealer is someone who finds antiques, evaluates their condition, has them restored if required, assigns them a monetary value and then sells them on for a profit to the public, collectors or museums.

An antique is an old collectible item. There are a huge range of objects that can be an antique, such as furniture, quilts, pottery, clothing, clocks, jewellery, books, silverware, sculptures, chinaware, porcelain, accessories, photographs, paintings, film memorabilia, farm equipment, machinery, tools, kitchen items, appliances, decorations, military memorabilia, hat-pins, buttons, records, family documents and many, many more things.

They are collected or desirable because of their age, rarity, beauty, condition, or other unique features. They are objects that represent a previous era in human society.

An antique dealer may also represent an artist who the dealer sells. They are required to visit salerooms and auction houses on a regular basis and need to establish and maintain a network of contacts. They are also required to deal with customers and carry out administration duties and accounting.

Most antique dealers are self employed and competition is fierce. However, there may be opportunities within an auction house that may want to recruit staff with expertise in types of periods or antiques.

An experienced dealer might hope to make in the region of £15,000 to £50,000 a year. A highly experienced , expert dealer could earn over £75,000 a year.

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