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Analytical Chemist

An analytical chemist typically uses a diverse range of methods to investigate the chemical nature of different substances. They analyse substances to determine their chemical composition and aim to understand how substances behave in different conditions.

They work in a range of occupational sectors including public protection – where they test water, air, industrial waste drugs and food to make sure they are safe, healthcare- where they where they analyse body tissues and fluids to help medical staff diagnose disease and pharmaceuticals – where their work helps to determine the stability and quality of drugs and how they might be improved. Other occupational sectors include manufacturing - where they monitor the production process of everything from food and drink to cosmetics and pesticides to ensure that quality products are produced, forensics - where they analyse substances ranging from traces of explosives to tiny amounts of fibres found at crime scenes to assist in criminal investigations.

As an analytical chemist there may be opportunities to work for companies with operations overseas.

Salaries range from around £20,000 a year, to up to £50,000.

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