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An acoustician is someone who specialises in the study of sound. Acoustics is the interdisciplinary science that deals with the study of all mechanical waves in gases, liquids, and solids including vibration, sound, ultrasound and infrasound. Someone working in the field of acoustics technology may also be called an audio engineer or an acoustical. The application of acoustics can be seen in almost all aspects of modern society with the most obvious being the audio and noise control industries.

There are many applications for acoustics, ranging from studying whales to advising on sound insulation, helping to design a concert hall, working within manufacturing and aerospace companies, medical organisations, government and local authorities, or even the music and telecommunications industries. Acoustician's can be found working in all sorts of environments, with all kinds of people and training can take place at colleges and universities all over the world, including graduate level work in specific areas of acoustics.

Bioacoustics, the study of sound in animals and in the natural environment, is a particular branch of acoustics which an acoustician can be involved in is. This field of study can include researching communication between animals, the role of sound in animal environments, and how sound can disrupt animal and plant environments. Acoustic engineers are familiar with issues such as interference, sound transmission, absorption, and reflection, using this information to lay out spaces and design devices which will function as intended.

Work as an acoustician can be quite varied and jobs can include opportunities for research, field work, and work in the lab. Sound is an important part of society, whether an acoustician is developing alert devices for the blind or researching the way in which sound travels underwater.

Salaries start at around £22,000 to more than £60,000 a year for principal acoustical consultants.

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