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Why Study The Arts ?

Where can you go with an Arts degree?

In this video employers talk about the skills Arts students can gain from studying a subject that they love and how these can benefit them in the future.


Career and Course Articles: 

Marketing is both the creation of goods and services to meet the public’s need, and
the promotion of goods and services in order to achieve interest and sales in them.
Marketeers monitor and conduct research of the market, they work in creating and
developing products, they determine pricing of their products, they decide on the
best distribution and placement of them, the audience who will be targeted, and the
best way to raise awareness of them with this target audience, be it with advertising,

Commercial Training Schemes with BDO Stoy Hayward


After completing her A Levels, Anisa Mistry joined BDO Stoy Hayward’s Commercial Training Scheme. So what made her choose an early start to her career over three years at university?

A Career in the Marketing Profession


Whether the economy is in ‘boom’ time or in recession or when the ‘green shoots’ of recovery are beginning to show, Marketing continues to be one of the most important business activities and therefore, a sound career choice for anyone who is prepared to make the commitment and work hard.If anything, marketing gains in value in difficult times because with demand falling, the challenge is on to find new markets and additional custom


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