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Debt Collector

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Debt collectors reclaim money owed to an organisation by businesses or individuals.

They pursue debts of all sizes, from thousands of pounds owed by a business to smaller amounts owed by individuals to credit card companies, phone and energy companies, finance companies or mail order catalogues.

The debt collection process usually follows a series of steps:

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So will you really be £60,000 in debt if you go to University in 2013?

This mythbusting animation by Bournemouth University shows how it really works.

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BDO Stoy Hayward’s Commercial Trainee Scheme


We know university is not for everyone but gaining a business qualification is important to many. At BDO Stoy Hayward, the UK part of the world’s fifth largest accountancy firm, we’re offering the opportunity to train for full professional accountancy qualifications.

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Payroll Manager

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The role

Payroll Managers look after the payroll department, ensuring that employee’s wages of a company are paid correctly and on time.

Their roles will often include managing the payroll team, deciding upon and implementing payroll procedures, acting as an authority on payroll taxes, analysing financial data and managing computer systems related to pay.

Insurance Broker

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The role

Insurance Brokers work to find the best insurance deals for their clients. They offer impartial advice, based on the insurance requirements of their client, their extensive knowledge of the insurance market, the research they carry out, and the negotiations they engage in with the insurance companies.

They may also renew or change existing insurance policies for their clients, collect insurance premiums, provide advice on making insurance claims, and prepare reports for insurance underwriters where required.


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The role

Economists give advice about the economy, drawing on their knowledge and understanding of economic theory.

They achieve this by researching past and present economic trends, analysing statistics and building computer models to help predict future changes.

Economists may advise the government, or banks, businesses and other organisations. Their work will help these organisations to make decisions and draw conclusions about their own financial strategies.

Credit controller

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The role

Credit controllers  are responsible for recovering unpaid money from

businesses or individuals. They could work for a collection agency

hired by a company to collect debts from businesses (commercial

collection) or individuals (consumer collection).  Credit controllers

also work in a company’s finance or credit department, chasing late

payments from suppliers or customers. 


Finally, Credit controllers are usually

based in offices or call centres. Field collectors though, usually

Claims handler

Business adviser

Financial Services

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The financial services sector covers saving, borrowing, investments and insurance for everyone from individuals to international conglomerates. Commerce and industry could not operate without it as it is central to the UK economy.

There is a huge variety of career paths available. The industry includes retail and investment banking, insurance, pensions, investments, the financial markets, accountancy and financial advice and management. To protect consumers, the Financial Services Authority regulates the sector.

Jobs are available in the following areas:


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