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Choosing a career to pursue can be really difficult. Matching your abilities, skills and personality to a lifelong career choice is something that oftens feels like looking down a dark corridor with even darker doorways leading to your future. So to help cast some light on your research we've put together a pack of career overviews. You'll find everything from building to media planning  with lots in-between and links to jumpstart your career selection activity.

Highest quality of graduates going into teacher training – especially into vital EBacc subjects


Latest figures compiled by the Department for Education show:

– Highest number of physics graduates recruited since 1979 –
– More men than ever opting for career as a primary teacher –

More than seven out of 10 new trainee teachers now have a high-quality degree, according to latest figures published today (Tuesday) – the highest proportion ever recorded.

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Early Years Teacher

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Early years teachers (or nursery school teachers) teach children between the ages of three and five, in nursery schools and reception classes. They develop work schemes and implement lesson plans to meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation stage of the National Curriculum. The early learning goals of the Foundation Curriculum involve six areas:

Nursery Worker

Higher Education Lecturer

Driving Instructor

Sports Coach

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The role

Sports coaches help people to fulfil their potential within a sport through training them and teaching techniques.

Sports coaches plan and run training sessions, encouraging their participants, observing them and giving feedback to their performance. If it’s a team sport, they would also work with the players to help them work together. A Sports Coach will also attend competitions with their participants.

Most Sports Coaches work part-time or are volunteers, supplementing another full-time job. Only a few are able to make it a full-time career.

Youth and Community Worker

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The role

Youth and Community Workers, as the name suggests, work with young people, and organise activities with the aim of boosting their confidence and helping them to learn new skills.

Working primarily with teenagers, they may act as mentors to young people, offer counselling and organise projects dealing with problems such as bullying. They could facilitate activities relating to sports, drama and other subjects.

Training Manager

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The role

Training Managers coordinate and oversee a company’s training programmes. It is their responsibility to ensure that they equip staff with the necessary knowledge and skills needed for their jobs.

A Training Manager identifies the training needs of a company and designs a training plan accordingly. They will work with training providers to develop content within the course.


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