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Take the Mad Men Job Interview


Anyone wanting to get a job in advertising needs to be just like the guys in Mad Men, right? Well maybe not but if you think you'd fit right in with the 50's work ethic and chain smoking world then take the job interview with Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and find out!

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Sales Executive

Career and Course Articles: 

Sales executives sell products or services to customers. The products could be anything from food to IT equipment, from insurance to cars, from medicines to cosmetics. They may work for a national retailer, for a distributor of one or more specific products or for a manufacturer.

Sales executives sell either business-to-business, which means selling a product or service to another business, or business-to-consumer, which involves selling goods direct to the user.

Market Research Executive

Media Planner

Career and Course Articles: 

Advertising media planners identify the best mix of media channels to deliver an advertising
message to a client's target audience. Media channels can include radio, cinema, press, television,
outdoor spaces, mail, the web and mobile communications.

Media planners discuss advertising strategy with their clients, analyse and research the target
audience's characteristics, advise the creative team and clients about the most effective media
combination and present media proposals.

Media buyers

Career and Course Articles: 

Advertising media buyers or media executives are responsible for buying advertising space online,
on TV and in newspapers and magazines. They work directly for the company that is placing the
advert or on behalf of the company in an advertising agency. The goal of the media buyer is to
reach as much of the target audience as possible, at the lowest cost. Media buyers spend most of
their time on the phone, but they also travel to meet clients and media sales representatives.


Career and Course Articles: 

Marketing is both the creation of goods and services to meet the public’s need, and
the promotion of goods and services in order to achieve interest and sales in them.
Marketeers monitor and conduct research of the market, they work in creating and
developing products, they determine pricing of their products, they decide on the
best distribution and placement of them, the audience who will be targeted, and the
best way to raise awareness of them with this target audience, be it with advertising,


Brand Management

Art Director


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