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Engineering can be divided into a number of major sectors such as electrical, electronic, mechanical, civil & structural, chemical, manufacturing and software engineering. People working in each of those sectors have formed professional engineering societies and these organisations are one of the main sources of information if you want to find out more about engineering. Overseeing all the professional engineering bodies is the Engineering Council which ensures that all institutions work to the same high standard.

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Pupils work on the Save the Day challenge
Updated date: 22/11/12

A powerful geomagnetic storm caused by a solar mass ejection (or sun storm) has caused all the electrical systems in towns throughout the county to crash.

Updated date: 22/10/12

What do you know about engineering? Have you ever considered it as a future career? If so, you’ve obviously done your homework on the opportunities that engineering has on offer…

engineer diploma
Updated date: 25/10/12

The New Diploma in engineering is proving to be a new, innovative and pioneering qualification for Young people which is set to be fully rolled out across the UK by 2013 amidst claims that it is at


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