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Accountancy can seem a stuffy career option but the reality is very different. Accountants are highly paid and are at the senior levels of company environments. Accountants are often self-employed and work in many areas including IT, finance, procurement and manufacturing. In fact there is no area of work where accountants aren't involved. Meeting new people and extensive travel are just some of the perks on offer and with ever growing needs for costs to be controlled the work of the accountant is only going to get more important in the future.

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Updated date: 28/10/12

If you are a regular ‘Get Smaart’ reader, you’ve probably seen PricewaterhouseCoopers featured before.

Updated date: 11/02/10

The efficient use of financial informatio

Updated date: 28/10/12

The recent Enron scandal in the U.S. has raised public awareness of the accounting and finance profession.


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